My journey has been a long and wonderful one, and it is now getting increasingly better. I dared to throw away ten years of hard work when I was on the verge of getting my Ph.D. in literature. I thought my work was done when I turned in my dissertation, but when more time and effort was asked of me, something snapped, my heart cried out for freedom, and I walked away from the academic world and wound up living on the road for 12 years without working. You can read this story in Chapter 21 of The Thought that Changed My Life Forever When I returned to the mundane world, I became, in turn, a taxi cab driver, a laborer, a salesman, a massage therapist, and I finally returned to teaching literature and writing. 

Now, at the young age of 75, I have finally discovered my true calling of assisting people to remember and experience their magnificence. Everyone of us has an amazing gift to share with life. When we discover and share it, our lives becomes a miracle. Never settle for less than the best because of who you really are and because of the destiny that waits for you.
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