We are wealthy in having unlimited creative potential. The knowledge and science of creativity has long been lost to humanity. It is an honor and privilege to freely share this complete science. Recently, there has been a lot of information about it, but there are missing pieces in the vast majority of the information that has come forth. So, the complete recipe for how to have, be, and do what you want is an extraordinarily valuable gift. And it is offered  as a totally free gift.

Since the sub-conscious mind is the attractor of all our circumstances, it is very helpful to know the limiting patterns that are lodged therein. Our creative ability is greatly enhanced by a process created to bring the subconscious mind up into the physical body for exploration and healing.

As we grow, we continue to gather many priceless gems and jewels from our life journey. And since sharing makes one even richer, it is a delight to share our unlimited abundance.

True abundance begins with self-awareness. Most of the world is lost in the third dimension world and have forgotten themselves as the originating cause of everything. Remembrance of this amazing truth is inevitable, but is a matter of time. The brilliant, Supreme Intelligence that brought everything into being, and is the Source of absolute, unconditional love, will bring all of creation back to that magnificence. Perfection can do nothing less than create perfection. We are in a time of great awakening, and many are ready to begin to remember and understand our deeper nature. We have here a process that borrows from and merges several disciplines, to which new creative, divine energies have been added. The composite process is far more powerful than any of the individual disciplines, and the practice of the process facilitates ever-greater self-realization.
Michael Robins
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