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Michael Robins
Break through barriers and take a bold step toward living the life of your dreams. Dreams vitalize life. Life wants you to have one, but dream realization is so much easier when you experientially know the cause of all  causes. Do you experientially know what enables you to be, think, and do? Most people are lost in the phenomena of life and do not know the cause of it. Dream Realization invites  you to access your deepest, most powerful, Creative Self through innovative breath-work and unique methods of awareness, making you much more powerful and life easier. 

Do you want better health, increasing wealth, a relationship (or a better relationship), more freedom, or more joy and a greater sense of purpose and fulfillment? 

You can have it! There are Powerful Laws, Understandings, Practices,  and Steps that will enable it to happen. There is an actual Science of Manifestation, and Self-Realization and the healing of the subconscious mind will make it much easier to master.

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Dream Realization

Michael, you are truly a wonderful man and
you have no idea how happy I am that I
have met you. You have transformed me.
---Robert Scott Russell

The tension in my back was completely released by the time we were done with our session, and I was clear why I had struggled with those feelings of unworthiness, by the time we were done. 
You shone your light, illuminated that space in my heart., and created a safe space for healing.
---Maurin Lovell

I couldn't have come upon Michael at a better time in my life. His words of truth and his process of healing and transforming past trauma opened me to a completely new and higher level on my spiritual path. 
---Johnetta Crumpley

Your satisfaction with this work is guaranteed. Upon completion of our session, you will decide if you have
received value, or You will get 
100% of your money returned. 
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