I love speaking about our Real Self, the power and joy of reclaiming that self-identity, and how to access its unlimited bountifulness. I delight in sharing that information and experience and conveying that joyful and uplifting energy to my audience. Lives radically change when people understand the accessibility and power of their unlimited potential.

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To experience a Real-Self-True-Purpose-Bliss-Meditation and go deep into bliss, contact  me at the email or phone listed below.

I have also created an on-line, mutual support group based on universal principles that encourages the awakening to our unlimited love and abundance by using our limited conditioning as an opportunity for greater self-realization. This work is most easily and enjoyably done in a loving, supportive community. Contact me to discuss your possible interest in joining us.

These are just a few
of the topics Michael presents:

The Profound Value of
Real Self Knowledge and Self-Realization

How to step into the Miracle Zone

How  to view every circumstance n your life
as a gift and an opportunity
so each moment is valuable and enjoyable

Michael is a unique speaker who has 
the gift of enhancing the journey of
those who are blessed by his presence.
I am Grateful to have encountered him in mine.
---William S. Peters Sr. 

Michael Robins
Author, Speaker, Abundance Revealer
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Call Michael at 386.847.7846